The Adoption Process

First, complete your application for a dog or cat. Once Helping Strays receives your application, the adoption team will start the review process so you are ready to go when you find your perfect pet. We will review the information you provide, check personal and veterinary references (if you have current pets in the home), and check with your landlord if you are a renter.

Check out Helping Stray’s adoptees. There are many fabulous finds and you can see them on the adoption pages. Don’t just fall for a pretty face! Keep your desires and lifestyle in mind as you read the biographies and decide on your new family member.

While your application is in process, our adoption team will arrange a meet and greet with the pet. We encourage the whole family to visit and meet the prospective new member of the family. If you have current pets, we will also arrange a meet and greet between your pet(s) and your potential new family member at the shelter. We want to make sure that the pets are properly introduced and everyone gets along before making the adoption official.

Helping Strays evaluates applications for specific pets in the order the applications are received. We highly recommend that if there is a specific pet in which you and your family are interested, complete an application and note your interest in that specific pet. Ultimately, Helping Strays will pick the most suitable home that meets the needs of the pet.