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Charlie, A Pet-in-Need Success Story

At the tender age of one year, Charlie was hit by a car that resulted in dislocation of both hips. He also sustained an eye injury as well as spinal cord damage that left him incontinent. Unfortunately, his owners at that time could not afford to take him to a vet for medical care. During the next four years, Charlie learned how to scoot with his front legs to get where he wanted to go. He ended up with scald burns on his legs from urine. His eye developed infections and scarring to the point that Charlie couldn’t see out of it.

His family continued to love him and take care of him as much as they could. After four years of Charlie living in this difficult situation, the family realized he deserved a better life and surrendered him to Helping Strays. Charlie’s infected eye was removed right away to prevent him from becoming septic. The day after his eye was removed, he moved into a loving foster home and a wheelchair was donated. Charlie loved running around in his wheelchair and had freedom and independence again. Charlie began hydrotherapy sessions to strengthen his front legs, help with flexibility and circulation, and build muscles in his rear hips again.

After one year of fostering Charlie, his foster parents were in love with him. He had so much love, strength, and perseverance. Charlie was officially adopted by his foster family! He is very attached to his new parents and loves following them around the house, sleeping with them, taking walks together, and sitting in the screened in porch and just enjoying the outdoors. He attends Helping Strays events such as the Jingle Bell Walk and the Mutt and Me walk. Although he will never walk again without his wheelchair, Charlie became a fighter and has been an inspiration to his adoptive family and everyone who knows him.