ain't nothin but a hound dog

Are they gonna like me? Oh...I don't think they're gonna like me. Do you think they'll want to adopt me? Oh dear, I hope so.  All these thoughts and more race through Ralph's head when he meets new people! Let me tell you a little about Ralph so you can decide if maybe YOU are the perfect match for this adorable young man.

Ralph is a rough and tumble puppy; he plays hard and then sleeps like a baby. Speaking of sleep, Ralph is a great sleeper and never wakes up his foster people at night! What a plus! He is also completely kennel trained and nearly perfect with his housebreaking. Ralph's evenings are spent snuggling on the sofa with his foster people after a good day's play.

A master of sit, down and a targeting exercise called Touch (very useful both indoors and on walks; we will show his adopter how this works and when to use), Ralph is a very quick learner. He would be a lot of fun to take to a beginning obedience class and he already has the basics of clicker training down should you want to continue that type of training. He's a super fast learner!

Why don't you come and meet Ralphie? Bet you won't go home alone:))

Some of our pets are in foster care. If you are interested in a specific pet, please contact the shelter at (618) 939-7389 to arrange a meeting.

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Mixed Breed Hound

Male, 1 year 1 day old
fun-lovin hound dog
adores working for his person
very treat motivated = easy to train
won't wake you at night:))
doorbell replacement
Adoption fee: $200

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