Franco is an adorable guy with expressive eyes and lots of love to give. He can be shy initially, especially around men, but warms up fairly quickly. Once he warms up, he will not let you go. He loves to sit in your lap, lay next to you, or at your feet. Franco is mostly housebroken - with some routine and consistence, he will do just fine. He is cautious around cats, but not afraid. He loves to run in the grass and is a free spirit when outside and could keep running if he had the chance, therefore a fenced in yard would be best but would probably be fine on a leash. Squeaky toys are his favorite but he is very playful with other toys too. Franco gets nervous around children and a new family without kids would be best for him. Franco would be ideal for a single person or a couple as he requires and thrives on attention.

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Mixed Breed Dachshund

Male, 1 year 1 month old
Small size, 11 lbs
Prefers a home with no children
Adoption fee: $175

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