I am an extraordinary pet! You should know what that means.

Ace is an adorable six month old special needs puppy. His special need is his shyness. You see, Ace is what is called a feral pup, meaning he did not have early socialization with people. While rehabilitating a feral puppy or dog requires a lot of patience and understanding, the reward is enormous. Once a feral dog learns to trust, you will never see a more loyal dog. Ace is very comfortable and social with other dogs and loves to play with them. Ace is crate trained, loves toys, and is doing well with house training. He is in a foster home where he is being exposed to new things every day and is making progress in baby steps. How far Ace can progress is largely dependent upon the perseverance of his owner to keep working with him. Please go to for more reading regarding feral dogs. The St Louis area is fortunate to have a feral dog expert, Lindsay Harmon, who runs a non-profit called The Feral Companion. She often has outings and experiences designed to help the feral dog community. The ideal home for Ace would be one who first of all has the interest, desire and passion to work with a feral puppy. A social dog already in the family is a must to serve as a role model and help Ace see that people are good. A securely fenced yard is important also, although exceptions always do exist in the right circumstances. A secure situation is a must because until Ace trusts his new home/people to be his 'safe' place he will be a flight risk. If this piques your interest and you feel you might be able to meet his needs, we would love to introduce you to Ace.

Some of our pets are in foster care. If you are interested in a specific pet, please contact the shelter at (618) 939-7389 to arrange a meeting.

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Mixed Breed German Shepherd

Male, 8 months 4 days old
Medium size when grown
Adoption fee: $200

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