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Huxley was found with severe injuries, likely from being hit by a car. His pelvis was broken in 3 places, his right hind leg was broken, and his left hip was dislocated. Because he was a stray, he could not legally be released to Helping Strays. Fortunately, Animal Control, let Helping Strays place him at a local veterinary hospital for this period, so his pain could be managed while the search for his family continured. When no one stepped forward, Helping Strays authorized the surgeries necessary to return this fine young fellow to health.

Multiple surgeries were performed over a two month period. First, his broken leg was repaired. After seven weeks, when the break had stabilized, corrective surgery to his dislocated hip made movement of that leg more comfortable. While recuperating, he fostered with his veterinarian and spent his days greeting people from a high-sided dog bed in the reception area. No matter how much he hurt, he never offered so much as a growl. He spent a lot of time with interactive toys, to keep his brain busy.

Over the months of his rehabilitation, it became obvious that Huxley adored children. Nearing the end of his hospitalization, he even spent a day with the biology classes of Waterloo High School, illustrating the application of biology in the real world. Huxley is now a healthy, happy dog with a child of his very own. He retains the joyful, open nature that, during his long recovery, endeared him to everyone that met him.