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Diablo was returned soon after his first adoption, for peeing on the bed. This behavior is sometimes a sign of urinary tract problems. Diablo got a clean bill of health and seemed fine while with Helping Strays. He went to a second home where his inappropriate peeing turned into a major medical problem. His anguished owners couldn't afford the care needed and rather than euthanize him for a treatable problem, Helping Strays took him back again and began treatment.

Diablo was very sick for a long time, requiring both intravenous fluids and a urinary catheter. With both a massive bladder infection and urinary crystals which blocked his urethra, it was touch and go for a while. When he finally started to improve, a foster parent stepped forward to provide him with a quiet place to recover his strength.

Diablo, now Dominic, will always be a special needs cat, requiring a prescription diet to keep his urinary problems under control. He is, in fact, so special that his foster family couldn't let him go and adopted him.