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December 25, 2013: Meet Charlie, the newest member of our Pet-in Need aka PIN Program. Charlie is just over a year old, as sweet and loving a cat as anyone might wish for. Unfortunately, she contracted a complicated respiratory infection which led to a corneal ulcer. The ulcer progressed until the cornea ruptured, which means Charlie's eye must be removed. She has cooperated with every medical treatment and procedure, barely flinching even when her eye was examined closely. She seems to trust that the people around her will somehow make it better, and continues to purr, asking to be stroked even when she turns her bad eye aside.


December 28, 2013: This morning, Charlie had surgery to remove her right eye. Her first move, on waking up from aneasthesia, was to stretch for her nurse's hand. She will remain on pain killers until the swelling goes down.

January 25, 2014:

Helping Strays is pleased to announce that not only is Charlie recovered, she went to her new home today!

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