For seven years, the folks at Creative Bent have given their time and talent to this project. No matter how nervous the cat, how rambuncious the dog, Anna's calm patience always gets the shot! Even turtles and chickens show their best side to the camera for this calendar.

Pawtraits Calendar

You've always known your pet was a calendar girl!

For five years, aspiring models have flocked to Creative Bent Photography for their chance at stardom. Over one glorious weekend, for a nominal fee, pets of all ages and species pose for a glamour shot and hope to earn a spot in the next year's Pawtraits Calendar.

Earn it they must. The folks at Creative Bent take amazing pictures, but there are thirty to thirty five photo shoots available, and only 12 months. Owners look through their proofs and choose that one picture that they think is a winner. When the owners have chosen their favorite, the photos go up for voting by the general public. Pets and their people go out and drum up support. The voting period is usually two to three weeks. Votes cost $1.00 each and the pets that raise the most money are next year's calendar pets. All the owners get a 5x7 copy of their pet's calendar shot.

When the final 12 have been selected, Creative Bent takes the lead and creates a calendar to remember. Calendars are generally available for sale by early November. Plan ahead and act fast-proud parents tend to snap them up!

All proceeds from the calendar, from the initial sittings to the calendar sales, benefit Helping Strays. Thanks, Anna, Brooke and Seth.

Pick up your 2014 calendars now!