Mom and Pups saved from Winter Chill

This mama was trying to keep her eight new born pups warm with just shelter from the wind. A good samaritan was keeping her supplied with food, but knew that an unheated doghouse was not going to provide enough protection from this week's deep cold. The mama and her pups were ready for rescue, and are now warm, snug and safe in a foster home.

This family was not the first to be rescued, though.  Earlier in the week, a litter of four orphans got off the cold, stony ground and found a warm bed and good food with Helping Strays. At just 15-18 days old, these pup are too young to be without a mother, so foster families will be bottle feeding them for several weeks.

Caring for these little guys can be expensive. Growing pups drink a lot of formula! Canned puppy food, so helpful in transitioning to solid food, is an extra expense as well. Even though the mama will be handling feeding for her litter, she will have to eat for nine! Help us take care of these pups by donating to the Pet-in-Need program