Our Dogs Have Gone to Prison.

Last week, Helping Strays transported five dogs to prison. No, this was not punishment, we are hoping this is the opportunity of a lifetime for them. Our dogs are joining Puppies for Parole at the Farmington Correctional Center. AK94U matches Farmington offenders with our rescue dogs. Under the guidance of a great dog trainer, the pair spend 8 weeks preparing for their Canine Good Citizen test. Dogs spend 24/7 with their offender. They get plenty of breaks to go out to the play area, positive training and lots and lots of love.

Collin, Rihanna, Snoopy, Tugg, and Tonya were personally handed to their new handlers by staff and volunteers of Helping Strays and it was obvious that both the dogs and the offenders where happy with their new partners.

These lucky dogs can be adopted, although they will not go to their new homes until they have finished the AK94U program. If you are interested in one of these pets, please fill out an application. Once you are approved, arrangements can be made to for you to travel to Farmington to meet your chosen dog. If you and the dog are compatible, the adoption can be finalized after the dog's graduation.

Many dogs in the program are adopted by the family and friends of offenders and staff members at the prison. Those that return to our shelter do so with their Canine Good Citizen under their collar, ready to be someone's new best friend. We are hoping, though, that none of our transportees make the return trip.