Kindle a Spark of Hope

We are gonna light a bonfire!

Please join staff, volunteers and boardmembers at a bonfire on the site of the new home of Helping Strays. Those of you who have been to the shelter in Redbud know how cramped it is. Those of you who have volunteered there know about the lack of drains, and the small quarters for both dogs and cats, the limited exersize areas. This is your chance to walk through the future halls of Phase A, mapped out on the site, and get a feel for the building to come. Site plans for all three phases will be available for viewing. We will have smores, chili, hot dogs and hot chocolate, and you are welcome to bring other drinks, if you like. So bring a chair, grab a hot dog, and help us turn the Spark of Hope into a warm and sheltering reality.

  • Where: Hanover Road, behind Trost Plastics
  • When: Sunday, November 24, 1pm to 3pm