Share the Love with a Pet-In-Need

A fund to help with exceptional medical expenses

Pet-In-Need is a medical fund within Helping Strays, used for pets with treatable illnesses or injuriess. The fund has already been tapped several times in 2013.

Two puppies, Alvin, a ten week old chihuahua-terrier mix, and Blossom, a six week old shepherd mix, are both recouperating from parvovirus. While parvovirus can be prevented by vaccination, young puppies frequently have little immunity. Parvo causes irritation of the GI tract, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. Pups rapidly become dehydrated and die. Fortunately, their foster family recognized the early symptoms, and both pups were provided the medical support they needed. Treatment for parvo requires hospitalization, with intravenous fluids and antinausea drugs. Both pups are now back with their foster family and recovering nicely. Thanks to the money available in PIN, they can look forward to long, happy lives.

Several adult dogs are being supported by the fund as well. Alli, Alvin's mom, has heartworms. Benji, a possible poodle mix, and Rex, a border collie mix, are also undergoing treatment for heartworms. Like parvovirus, untreated heartworm disease is fatal. Also, like parvovirus, it is preventable. Unfortunately, these three dogs were not given preventative care by their previous owners. Heartworm treatment involves a series of injections, followed by months of cage rest. Benji, Rex and Alli will be with Helping Strays for some time before they can be released for adoption.

Major, a cattledog mix, is preparing for the second of two hip surgeries. A young dog with hip dysplasia, Major would have had a short, painful life without the surgery paid for by the Pet-in-Need program.

This Valentine's Day, please consider showing your love with a donation to the Pet-In-Need program. Donations can be made via paypal (below), or mailed to

Helping Strays
PO Box 164
Waterloo, IL 62298

You can also leave your donations at our shelter, at Waterloo Feed and Pet Supply in Waterloo, and at Columbia Animal Hospital in Columbia. Any amount will help.