End of Year Wrap Up

Its been a busy year here at Helping Strays. A new name, a new website, the official kick-off of the capital campaign. Volunteers have put in hundreds of hours to rescue the homeless pets of Monroe County. The shelter workers show up every week, no matter the weather, to help out the staff. Their attention to the dogs and cats gives those pets a desperately needed dose of human affection. Foster families take in dogs and cats, and sometimes kittens and puppies, that they know little about and provide them with love, training, exercise, and a chance at a new life. Our local veterinarians provide our pets with loving care and make themselves available not just during regular hours, but nights, weekends and holidays. Other volunteers do everything from grant writing, to penning thank you notes, to graphic design. Some handle repairs at the shelter. Some decorate light posts.

Thanks to all of these people, Helping Strays has some pretty impressive numbers to report. 334 pets were rescued this year. 315 pets were adopted into loving permanant homes. Among the pets who went home this year are some longtime residents, such as Chrissy and Daisy. Chrissy and Daisy were both with us for over a year. In other shelters, they may well have been euthanized as unadoptable. Thanks to the support of our community, Helping Strays remains a no kill organization. We can provide a sancuary for these harder to place pets, until someone sees how truly wonderful they are.

There have been 25 pets helped by the Pet-In-Need program. Mardi and Aiden are burn survivors. Huxley tangled with a car and had multiple broken bones. Todd had a dislocated hip, and Major has hip displasia. Ellie had a malignant tumor. Many more had heartworms, a preventable disease that shows up regularly in neglected and stray dogs. Your donations to the PIN program gave these pets a second chance. Foster families gave them a place to recover. Lucky families gave them a permenant home.

When you make your new year's resolutions, please remember Helping Strays. There are many way to help the homeless pets of Monroe County. Consider volunteering, becoming a member, or donating to the general fund, Pet-In-Need fund, or capital campaign. And, if you find your home needs a little more love, come find that love with a pet from Helping Strays.