Black Friday Sale Event

Adopt a black dog or cat and save big!

Black pets have big hearts and loving souls. They also have a hard time getting adopted. Big, black dogs spend weeks, even months, longer in shelters, then their lighter colored counterparts. There is even a term for it-Black Dog Syndrome. It may be that black has bad conotations: black mood, black hat. It may be that its harder to read the facial expressions of black animals. It may be that black is just, well, boring. For whatever reasons, these pets, with hearts of gold, have a hard time getting homes.

Helping Strays suggests you add a little black to your home this holiday season. This week, through December 1, 2012, all of our black and mostly black pets may be adopted for 20% off the regular adoption fee. This includes tortoiseshell cats, and tuxedo cats, and lovely little dogs with white feet and freckles. There are black labs and collie mixes. There is a size and personality for every household. If you are considering adopting this holiday season, please consider one of these fabulous pets:



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