Welcome to our Website

Thanks where thanks is due

Welcome to the new online home of Helping Strays, The Humane Society of Monroe County. It's a work in progress, like all good websites, but already it showcases our pets beautifully. Over time, we'll develop it into a community resource, as well.

A website like this takes a lot of work, and there are many people to thank. First off, the outstanding folks at Spry Digital in St. Louis. Stacey Lindgren and Dennis Bland listened patiently to the Web team. Magically, they were able to hear the words of the committee and hone in on the dreams behind them. Then they came up with the terrific visual design you see now.

Spry handed the design to their resident Drupal guru, Daniel Flaum. Daniel has worked to create not just a great website, but one that Helping Strays will be able to build on. He had not just the job of coding the site, but teaching us how to write content. Its an uphill battle of enormous complexity, and we suspect he isn't finished with us yet.

For the future, there is a team of volunteers in place getting the hang of uploading our pets to the website. There is much more to do though, and plenty of jobs. Alice Imhof is the Web Team Leader, and she may just ask you to do a little writing for the site.

There is one more person who needs to be remembered here. Our first website was built in 2005, by Mechelle Childers. Mechelle singlehandedly maintained the site, getting our pets in the public eye, for seven years. She linked us with Petfinder as well. There is no way of knowing how many of our dogs and cats were adopted because they were first seen on the website, but we can be sure that Mechelle is responsible for hundreds of adoptions. Thanks, Mechelle.