Not ready to adopt?

If you don't think you can commit to the full lifetime of a pet, you might be interested to learn about becoming a foster home for one of our pets. Foster families play an important role in socializing our pets and improving their quality of life while they stay with us. Learn more...

The Application Process

First, fill out a dog or cat application. Your application is generic-you don’t have to pick out your new dog or cat just yet. Once Helping Strays has your application, the adoption team can start the review process, so you are ready to go when you find your perfect pet. We will talk to references and do a home visit, to help you get your home ready for a new addition. Complete the application below, and you are on your way.

Dog Adoption Application | Cat Adoption Application

Talk to Helping Stray’s staff. We know our dogs and cats and are here to help you find your best match.

Check out Helping Stray’s adoptees. There are many fabulous finds and you can see them on the adoption pages of this website, on PetFinder and on Adopt-a-Pet. Don’t just fall for a pretty face! Keep your desires and lifestyle in mind as you read the biographies.

Visitors can meet one-on-one with pets at an adoption event or at our facility. We encourage the whole family to visit and meet the prospective new member of the family.

Our animals love to meet new people. Some of our pets are housed at our facility, and some are in foster care, so if you have a specific pet in mind, contact Helping Strays at 618-939-7389 or email us to set up a meeting. Do you already have a dog or cat in the family? After you have met your prospective adoptee, we will help you introduce the newcomer to the pets you already have.

Helping Strays evaluates applications for specific pets in the order the applications are received. We do not put holds on pets, pending an application. Your application is your “hold”.