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So now you know what you want and how to look for it. Find out where to start meeting pets from Helping Strays!

Meet Our Pets

Advantages of Adopting from Us

Helping Strays has great pets of all sizes, ages and personalities. Many of our dogs and cats have spent time under the foster care of our volunteers, which allows Helping Strays to know more about their behavior and training level. We get to know our pets, so we can guide you to your ideal match.

Every animal adopted from Helping Strays is spayed or neutered before it goes to a new home. Puppies and kittens grow to adulthood rapidly, and many pets in shelters around the country are the result of unexpected pregnancies. If you adopt from Helping Strays, you will not have to worry about getting your new companion altered before he or she adds to your family.

Our cats have all tested negative for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Adult dogs have tested negative for heartworms, and all of our dogs and puppies are on heartworm preventative. These diseases can lurk behind the facade of an apparently healthy animal and rob you of your new family member.

Preventative health care is important, so all of our pets are up-to-date on their vaccines, have been checked for intestinal parasites, and treated if necessary. Vaccination protects your new pet from common communicable diseases, so you can safely take her to the park and the groomer.

Because we know how important your new family member is to you, Helping Strays provides indentification microchips free of charge to every animal that comes through us. Registration is prepaid — we just need your contact information! Should you and your pet ever become separated, the microchip will help a network of animal welfare organizations across the country get your lost pet back home to you.

Helping Strays offers a Foster-to-Adopt program in which any animal that is being considered for adoption can go home for a two-week "trial period" with their potential adopting family with no commitment. The adopting family can take time to decide if the animal is a great fit and Helping Strays will provide all equiment and food to the family during this time.  If a particular animal is not a good fit - no worries.  The animal can smiply be returned to the shelter. 

We want you and your new pet to succeed. Support and information is available before and after your adoption from Helping Strays' experienced, caring team.